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PRETTYNICE 團隊在街頭文化匯集而成的豐富底蘊下,運用上了如同音樂的取樣技術、將街頭文化裡生動的影像 / 音樂 / 故事 / 服飾與人物記實,透過別具巧思的概念運用、將繁複的元素實踐於服裝的整體呈現、將美好年代的共同記憶透過重新演繹後、恰如其分的型塑出屬於當代街頭文化場景裡頭、屬於PRETTYNICE獨有的服裝風格呈現出的各種面向。

The PRETTYNICE team puts together the rich heritage of street culture, as the use of music sampling technique. We record the vivid images/ musical/ story/ apparel and the characteristic of the street. Through the use of unique ingenuity of the concept, and our re-interpretation of the shared memories of the golden age, we presented these different elements in the overall garments. Forming the styles that belong to the contemporary street scene, displaying the various faces of unique style of clothes that belongs to PRETTYNICE.