Mattias Lindström,出身瑞典,現居西班牙巴賽隆納的自由插畫家, 擅長以噴槍畫(AirBrush)風格融合塗鴉概念進行創作, 而豐富的角色設計與場景設定,搭配上奇幻瑰麗的色彩, 形塑出屬於藝術家獨一無二的表現風格。

本次的合作款式 "Midnight Cruising" Collection 特地邀請到 Mattias Lindström 為PRETTYNICE量身創作了一系列圖像,結合精細工藝與豐富款式的高呈現,完美詮釋噴槍畫柔和質地的迷人魅力。

Mattias Lindström, Swedish freelance illustrator and graphic designer, currently base in Barcelona. Mattias Lindström bring 1970’s commercial arts skill airbrush in to digital form. The graphics combining fine craftsmanship with a rich presentation of style to perfectly interpret the soft texture of Airbrush painting. With his graffitifusion concept, design, rich characteristic scene setting, combined with wonderfully glamorous colors, shaping Out the artist's unique expression of style". 

We bring Mattias art into our collaboration, using his airbrush skill into PRETTYNICELTD’s concept together we create a collection of graphic and put it on our products turn it into our lifestyle.

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