PRETTYNICE X Overlord Skateboards "OVLD-PN1000"  Capsule Collection

在農曆春節前夕,PRETTYNICE 釋出了與來自高雄,推廣滑板文化不遺餘力的名所 Overlord Skateboards 聯名合作的OVLD-PN1000膠囊系列。
汲取了已成為文化符碼的經典攝影機 VX1000與DV卡帶為創作靈感,擴展完整圖像概念後,用上了3D建模技術,將攝影機與卡帶以仿照該年代低傳真的3D影像畫質重建,並以滿版鋪陳的表現形式映射在此系列的服裝款式與專業滑板上。而長袖上衣與褲款也採用了延伸的圖像元素,

作為籌備多時的年度之作,最終的成果讓雙方團隊皆對此深感自豪,成功的將文化經典結合了圖像與服裝設計,完美呈現專屬於 PRETTYNICE 與 OVERLORD 獨一無二的美學風格!

Before Lunar New Year, PRETTYNICE released OVLD-PN1000 Capsule Collection with a prominent shop who has been pushing skateboard culture in Kaohsiung, Overlord Skateboards. Inspired cultural symbols such as classic video camera VX1000 and DV cassette tapes, PRETTYNICE was able to expand a complete graphic concept. The vintage video camera and cassette tape were reconstructed in a nostalgic fashion and retro resolution by 3D modeling, and the graphics are presented in full prints in clothing as well as skateboards. The long sleeve shirts and pants also applied the expansion of these graphic elements. 

After a long preparation, both PRETTYNICE and Overlord Skateboards take pride in the  final products, for the collection has successfully combined cultural classics with graphic and clothing designs. The one-of-the-kind aesthetics by both PRETTYNICE and Overlord Skateboards were in perfect demonstration through this capsule collection.  

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