值大信息時代和創意多元的當下,Radio 意義何在?除了是形塑品牌個性特徵的表現形式外,便是社區的構建以及文化的連結。 網路電台欄目作為不受各種限制的平臺,鏈接了新鮮的創意與人群,而這種形式正是形成社區的吸引力所在。隨著周圍事情的發生與發展,總能用自身適應的方式給予回應。 




"We want to present a diverse street culture exchange while building a community"

In our current age of the great information and along with the wide diversity of creativity, what is the meaning of “Radio”? In addition to forming a brand, the characteristic of our manifest is to construct a community with an array of cultural links. 

Network Radio as a platform is not subject to restrictions, linked to fresh ideas and different crowds; this attracts a particular community to be formed. With the occurrence and development of things surrounding it, adaptation is key. 

We grew up with street culture, and everyone we meet was able to contribute to each other, and through our cooperative efforts, we shared the latest and coolest around the world. 

From our point of view, we want to leave a memory of the past, the present, and the future for the community. From cassette tapes to cloud computing, and everything in-between, we want the memories to be transferred into binary coding and hence the ability to be put on into slices and inserted into the Internet. The current smart phone link is a logical single huge international network. In the global planar Silk Road, we must make full use of the expansion of this era; network units across the world to physical activities linked together with regional characteristics of the units, with hypertext weaving belongs to our generation.

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