"DPPN" World Sound Systems

Daniel Poole x PRETTYNICE "DPPN" World Sound Systems Capsule Collection

由Daniel Poole創立的DP,於90年代開始盛行歐陸與日本,在世界各地的大小派對,舞廳俱樂部,選貨店與街頭,都能見到DP的蹤跡,2000年後,DP選擇暫停一切服裝事業,回歸家庭並從事室內設計的工作,品牌再中止了16年後,Daniel Poole開始察覺到,歐洲街上的人們的打扮越趨一致並且不再有趣,於是他變萌生了重新啟動DP的想法,希望能夠為為一成不變的服裝市場帶來一些新鮮感。
品牌重新啟動後,PRETTYNICE與紮根倫敦的街頭文化單位Wavey Garms幾乎同時找上DP,希望能夠一起合作,將DP的經典延續,此刻依舊由Daniel Poole主導,品牌維持獨立運作的DP,再跟Wavey Garms的首腦Andres Branco討論後,決定從倫敦飛往台北,與PRETTYNICE團隊交流並且一同商討合作的可能性。
Wavey Garms的Andrés Branco是當代倫敦街頭文化裡的風雲人物,除了營運當地知名的古著選品店外,同時也是許多重要地下派對的策劃人物,而身為團隊的創意首席,文化履歷資本雄厚的Andrés Branco收到許多業內人士認可,同時負責參與許多知名品牌的特別企劃項目,像是Nike Air Max Plus III 20周年企劃的選角與造型,更親自出任The North Face UK與The face Magazine合作企劃的模特兒。
PRETTYNICE團隊在Daniel Poole 與Andrés Branco的幫助之下,接觸到了許多被視為夢幻逸品的經典DP Archives,同時也更加深刻的了解品牌的文化脈絡,並再討論與不斷修正後,完成PRETTYNICE擅長的圖像處理與精細的輔料工藝,服裝款式上,復刻DP多款經典的單品,最終與DP共同完成這次的自信之作,DPPN-World Sound Systems! 

DP was established by Daniel Poole, and the brand was popular in Europe and Japan starting from the 90s. From all the parties whether big or small, nightclubs and discotheques, select ships and the streets, DP were everywhere. After year 2000, DP decided to put clothing on hold, return to family life and engaged in interior design. After 16 years, Daniel Poole senses the people in Europe started to dress in similar styles and streetwear was becoming boring, so he desired to reactivate DP in order to install freshness back in the still water of streetwear market. 
After reactivating the brand, PRETTYNICE and Wavey Garms based in London almost reached out to DP at the same time, hoping to work together and carry on the legacy of DP. Daniel Poole was still leading DP independently. After discussing with the director of Wavey Garms, Andres Branco, Daniel Poole decided to fly to Taipei in order to explore the possibilities of collaborating with the PRETTYNICE team. 
Andres Branco from Wavey Grams is the prominent figure in London street culture. He is in charge of a known vintage shop, and has been planning numerous important parties in the underground. As the head creative of his team, Andres Branco was highly praised and recognized by the industry, and he is involved in many special projects of well-known brands. For example, he was the casting and style director of Nike Air Max Plus III 20th anniversary, and he was also the model for The North Face and The Face Magazine collaborative project.
 With the help of Daniel Poole and Andres Branco, PRETTYNICE was able to see the holy grails of classic DP Archives and gained a deeper understanding of the cultural context of DP. After discussions and revisions, PRETTYNICE was able to craft what they do best with graphic designs and intricate clothing accessories and re-release many DP classic clothing items with a new twist. Finally, PRETTYNICE was able to proudly present DPPN-World Sound Systems in collaboration with DP.